Trevi studio located in Palatine the North-West suburb of Chicago and serving North Shore, North-West Illinois community.

Trevi studio offers distinctive vision in fine art photography, digital art, web design, 3D animation, graphics, publishing and photo restoration. We are the only ones who developed unique methodology of still image animation for commercial and consumer services.

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Our studio equipped with the state of the art latest digital technologies supporting HDTV programs production, digital photography, sound, graphics, animated effects and publishing to bring you very best in the industry.

For commercial customer we offer cost effective solutions for internet interactive advertisement based on rich media and flash animated presentations. We develop exclusive web sites, animated banners, corporate identity, art work for publishing.

For consumers we offer unique view of creating and preserving your sentimental memory on digital media. Our clients can enjoy unconventional story telling experience evolving from converting an old and recent photos into digital video memoirs accompanied by music, special effects and animated graphics.

Nothing suits visual arts more than an old proverb: «it is better to see it once, than hear ten times» so please enjoy your visit and thank you for considering Trevi Media Studio.

«Editing is the creative force of filmic reality...and the foundation of film art.»
- V.I. Pudovkin, 1915

You will note that the above statement was made in 1915. Since that time editing has become even more important. Editing establishes the structure and content of the production along with the production's overall mood, intensity, and tempo.

Trevi video editing is based on mixed format video performance unmatched in any other editing solution. All software packages are built upon the same core real time HD/SD editing technology and unrivaled codecs, and carry broad range of broadcast features with 3D effects and animated titling.

Trevi's professional still-image animation allows you to bring new dimensions to your advertisement effort by transforming photographs and other still images into movies. It will help you to create stunning compositions at substantially reduced costs. Read More:

Trevi Media developed an innovative automation methodology to streamline all aspects of the video post-production and key-frame animation processes with objective to substantially reduce production costs. Trevi Media methodology works in unison with professional, state of the art broadcast quality core engines (HD/SD) technologies that brings new dimensions to video productions by transforming photographs and other still images into documentary style movies. The extensive library of innovative templates developed by Trevi enables automation and substantial simplification of key-framing animation process and therefore leads to substantial production cost reduction. The animated sequences can be combined with music and voice and exported into other video formats that are ready for video editing, video CD/DVD authoring and/or web publishing. Utilized by Trevi unrivaled lossless codecs carry the same range of features including utilization of real-time effects and multiple file format export options. The choice of software engines, made by Trevi, grants access to extensive range of professional formats designed to meet the requirements of higher-end broadcast and post-production environments, including support for newer, non-tape forms of video recording and storage.

The Trevi Media video engines are supported by comprehensive professional hd audio solution for authoring, editing and mastering - the software of choice for broadcast and audio recording studios who demand top results every time for sound neutrality.

Trevi Media methodology is ready to move existing definition of video to the world of HD providing automatic, real-time upscale conversion from standard definition to high definition video and hd audio. It incorporates high resolution, 3D animated titles, graphics and effects applied in HD resolution. Utilization of high quality 3D transitions creates high quality scene changes that are compatible to Hollywood productions.

Developed by Trevi Media methodology generates broad range of applications from Event Videography for consumer services to Scientific, Business and Industrial at substantially reduced production costs.

Trevi methodology opens new horizons for creation of exiting and interactive learning tools that can help meet the needs of school's and colleges' complex communication challenges, to develop innovative teaching media products supporting curriculum and including tools that will help students climb the learning curve quickly, yet providing professional paradigms that will apply to whatever career path they may ultimately pursue.

The new methodology creates unique and effective tools to support complexity of modern scientific exchange and to build a technologically sound bridge to the future generations allowing them to learn about today's discoveries.

Still images offer multiple opportunities for creation of audiovisual educational programs on DVDs for schools and colleges. In contrast to conventional video production, utilization of state of the art multi-standard, multi-format platform will provide Trevi Media customers with additional savings.

Are you one of the 75 million people in the world that recently bought a digital camera? Looking to share your photos with family and friends? Perhaps, you are an executive looking to create first rate marketing and cost effective presentation for a new product? If so, you definitely need Trevi Media Slide Show. Read More:

Since the late 1960"s visual artists in museums and galleries have used slide shows as a vehicle, to either present specific information about an action or research or as a phenomenological form in itself. Through the simple technology of the slide projector and 35 mm color transparency, artists discovered a tool that enabled the transformation of space through the magnification of projected pictures, texts, and images.

Trevi perfected the art of slideshow throw the use of state of the art technologies:
  • Premier digital HD audio
  • Broadcast quality transitions
  • Real-time Motion

Trevi slide show allows you to show a large number of images full screen and advance automatically or manually. Because you have manual sorting capabilities, you can arrange the images in the exact order you want them to be in for the slide show. Because we utilize sophisticated tools, we can create complex menu navigation and multiple subtitles with simple and intuitive interface. You can use this feature to show your work to your clients full screen.

  • Present your information productively with the visually intuitive storyboard interface.
  • Create professional DVDs.

  • We can add multiple subtitle and audio tracks, including Dolby Digital audio. Import assets from a variety of formats and output to DVD, DLT, or DVD-9 with encryption & region coding.

Trevi graphic designers are often involved in web design. Combining visual communication skills with the interactive communication skills of user interaction and online branding, they often work with web developers to create both the look and feel of a web site and enhance the online experience of web site visitors. Trevi's primary tool for graphic design is the creative mind, observational, quantitative and analytic thinking used for designing page layout and rendering. Read More:

Graphic Design spans the history of humankind from the caves of Lascaux - a complex of caves in southwestern France famous for its cave paintings. In this lengthy history and in the relatively recent explosion of visual communications of the 20th and 21st centuries, there is sometimes a blurring distinction and over-lapping of advertising art, graphic design and fine art. After all, they share many of the same elements, theories, principles, practices and languages. In advertising art, the ultimate objective is the sale of goods and services. In graphic design, the essence is to give order to information, form to ideas, expression and feeling to artifacts that document human experience, just as European minimalism while becoming one of the principal pioneers of the subset of graphic design known as corporate identity.

Graphic design is used whenever visual intricacy and creativity are applied to the presentation of text and imagery. We often refer to them as interactive or multimedia design. Trevi design practice has been extended to the modern computer. At Trevi, we clearly understand, that anywhere there is a need to communicate visually, there is a potential enhancement of communications through graphic design.

From road signs to technical schematics, from interoffice memorandums to reference manuals, graphic design enhances transfer of knowledge. Readability is enhanced by improving the visual presentation of text. Intricate and clever pictures are used when words cannot suffice.

Graphic designs have a unique ability to sell a product or idea through effective visual communications. It is applied to products as well as elements of company identity like logos, colors, and text, together defined as branding. Branding has increasingly become important in the range of services offered by many graphic designers, alongside corporate identity and the terms are often used interchangeably.

Graphics are used in textbooks for subjects such as geography, science, and math to illustrate theories and diagrams. A common example of graphics in use to educate is diagrams of human anatomy. Graphic design is also applied to layout and formatting of educational material to make the information more accessible and more readily understandable.

From decoration, to scenery, to visual story telling, graphic design is applied to entertainment. From cover to cover in novels and comic books, from opening credits to closing credits in film, from programs to props on stage, graphic design helps set the theme and the intended mood.

From scientific journals to news reporting, the presentation of opinion and facts is often improved with graphics and thoughtful compositions of visual information. Newspapers, magazines, blogs, television and film documentaries may use graphic design to inform and entertain.

At Trevi, we passionately refer to fine art photography as to photographs that are created to fulfill the creative vision of the artist. Most importantly, these photographs are created to be true to the artist's vision of beauty.

The first and most famous mid-Victorian photomontage (then called combination printing) was "The Two Ways of Life" (1857) by Oscar Rejlander, followed shortly by the pictures of photographer Henry Peach Robinson such as "Fading Away" (1858). These works actively set out to challenge the then-dominant painting and theatrical tableau vivants.

Trevi's photomontage is the process (and result) of making a composite photograph accomplished using state of the art image-editing software. The composite picture consists of specially photographed scenes so that the final image is converted back into a seamless video or photographic print.

Trevi Studio is the leading provider of photo restoration services. We digitally restore old or damaged photographs for consumers and commercial customers. Choosing Trevi guarantees you'll get a flawless restoration that will last a lifetime.

Our commercial photography services are ideal for small and medium size businesses looking for professional imagery in their brochures, websites, and any other advertising media. We work with the client to help them capture the quality of their work and make a lasting impression.

Trevi studio specializing in fast facial animation, character generation, visual effect and scene production creating next-generation machinima movies. Our animation adds interactivity to web designs and presentations with the power of puppet facial expressions, lip-sync, and animation in real-time. Using only photos we can create a fully animated cast that becomes instant animated actor(s) or virtual presenter.

Trevi Media offers website development services to their clients. We offer a full range of services to aid businesses transition to internet and to establish new revenue sources in. Web Development is the engine powering your web site. No matter how good the design is for your web site, it means little if it does not do anything. Selling products or services, or enrolling subscriptions, these are mechanisms that establish and maintain the critical revenue stream for your online business.

For consumer: Give your family, perhaps your child a present – a personal web page with gallery and news module, create an archive most important events from child birth to adulthood, then to wedding, store and share with your dear friends and family the most passionate and precious moments that will recapture an Era for generations to come.

Regardless of how good a website looks or how fancy it operates, money are wasted if no one sees it. Our approach to Search Engine Optimization is backed by top search engine rankings and proven results. SEO is the most effective form of internet marketing.

Content is the soul of all web sites. For one company its their product descriptions, event calendars and press releases. For another, its their gallery of images, resume and biography. Whatever your content is, you need to control it; not us. We don't maintain web sites — we develop them so our customers do.

A content management system (CMS) is an application for creating, maintaining, and organizing content. Ours comes with an easy-to-use administration section that a user can log in and directly edit the content on the website. Ultimately, a CMS creates the ability for people to update their websites rather than pay someone else to make changes every time they have something to change.

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